Friday, May 28, 2010

Not dead

I'm going to waste an Etree and releive all my readers that I'm not dead and composing my next blog post.....Or what is left of my readers. My target audience was originally all the new and middle entry eve players in our training corp. I wanted to give them an idea of what we do once we 'graduate' and have fun doing it. I read a lot of blogs and learned lots of things from their experiences and applied them myself. I wanted to be a part of that, infortunately events happen and a ceo's actions broke the corp chain from top down. The organisation and training corp I was director of ceased to exist, and with it, many of my responsibilities that I took enjoyed doing. Though some members were even more free to fdo what they do best, I had to take time to figure what I really wanted to do in eve. Some are just content to PVP all day, but I liked the organisation and challenge of helping new people and managing our higher level corp. It felt like we were all moving as one and that it mattered.

Now we all joined the NC (again if you read the blogs carefully) and I got to say its great, but still not the same. It feels a bit less rewarding if you can't be noticed or contribute with anything other than kills, though I'm learning and working on how I can help and contribute. I am on my capital ship skills and my alt is developing good support skills.

Well it looks like I ranted more than provide a pointless 'ill update soon' post.Ill have some material worth reading soon. Until then, comment please, because if you don't, poor Skand might think he can start a blog. =)

....Maybe I should add pictures....people love colorful pictures....


  1. Pictures would help. Time to start climbing that ladder again, huh?

  2. Adding comment so you will keep blogging. :)

  3. I appreciate that, i really do. Ill try to return the favor. =)