Sunday, June 13, 2010

Putting the cat down

I had to put my cat down today.....I know....But Im not sad, know why? Because the fucker diserved it! The people whom i call my friends....they thrust cats in my face, then chortle as i show my disgust. NO MORE! The cat that has haunted me so has shown itself in physical form in eve and it threatened my very credibility and existance. After so much talk, how could i not face this beast? It started at jests and jokes and now here it was, the very cat that came to being to confront me. Witness the opening moments before our epic clash.

Renaultar > Is that a cat?
Korenav's Cat > MEOW!!!!111oneone!!!
Renaultar > Wow....such an annoying cat....
Renaultar > I think i know where your owner is.
Korenav's Cat > O.O
Korenav > YOU!
Korenav > YOU sun of a bitch!
Korenav > Its the shoe box for you in an early grave!

Its velator grinned at me, a stupid grin that i would melt right off it with my pulse lasers. It could not exist any longer. This was the bane of my existence and i would go through hell to see it vented into the empty void of space. Its meows were squealed and soon silent as nothing but a ruin of a ship and corpse were all that was left. I made sure to display the trophy to my fellow alliance and that cats would not be tolerated.

Korenav > Corpse Female
Renaultar > Dear god....
Iron Phenix > gf

You shall mock me no more cat! Some day i shall return to your home system where you began to degrade it into a hive of broken villainy!


Now that the serious drama is over with, lets move on. Wait, whats that? Was that real? Of course it was! Some dick in my corp thought it would be funny to make an alt character to terrorize me. Lets talk about people or are NOT dicks, like me!

I attempted to dual box for once, as in use both my main and alt in pvp at the same time. Gotta say, its a bit of work. Probably should have paid attention to my alt more for his scout services than just being another grunt. Yeah, i lost a harbinger....and a what?

Oh, and about that, yeah, i got a curse and i love it....did love it. Funny how that happen. Had my main in my curse sitting off grid from a gate that lead to low sec while my alt was on the gate camping in a cane. When another cane jumped through, i was thrilled to have the chance to kill it. Understand my disappointment when it warped before i could lock, and my even larger disappointment when it landed on my curse.....

My throught process was kinda scrambled. One worrying over my alt getting his cane in gear to rescue me, the other was my curse trying to gtfo. Sounds exciting to some perhaps, but take my word for it. It really sucks....

Anyhow, my cane arrived just as my curse popped. Now you would think an epic battle for vengence would occur here. Nope. He warped off. Again. Fail alt. In all seriousness though, i gotta say the guy played his cards very well and smoothly too. Hats off.

I got some thanks to give. Big thanks. After my loss i reluctantly announced my loss of my curse to my alpha buddies (i literally had this ship for less than 2 days) and i want to put in a very big thanks to my friend Jess whom was looking for a chance to duel with me in his balaghorn(crazy fuck) and covered the loss of the ship for me. I gotta say i owe him one. Im really hoping to make the curse useful and gotta thank him. So Jess, i owe you one.

This post is dedicated to the memory of all those that have died in Jita bombings....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Occupying myself

No, it doesn't mean i am occupied in eve. RL things just need to be done and they can actually directly hinder any reasonable time on eve. But thats not what I'm going to blog about, otherwise this would be the 'whiny RL issues' blog. And we have plenty of those to go around already.

So I'm working on getting my first capital ship. Im very excited about it, but at the same time this has brought me several new issues that need addressing. First is making more isk. I never loved spending lots of time carebearing to the point of feeling 'comfortable' on a cushion of isk. I like to work to the amount I need then get going. As a result, i have only a handful of ships and are not spread around. It feels wasteful to me to have several of one ship if it isn't useful immediately.

My other issue was choosing between going for a carrier or a dread first. While the dread was closer skill wise and suited my gunnery, i went for carrier for its more support/logistical role and cost. I'm not ready to sink nearly 2 bil into one ship that is only useful for shooting other caps in large lag fights. Carriers would pay off more for me both immediately and in the long run.

Since training for a carrier will take me a bit longer, and i have been feeling a bit bland on ships lately, i finally trained up stealth bombers on my main. I have yet to take it out for a spin but while at it i figured i should train up recons. I have been looking at the curse a lot and it seems like a nice add on to small gangs. Would certainly be a nice change up on a small gang roam ship from my signature harby. If anyone has any recommendations on small gang, even solo, fits and tactics on a curse please share them. I have no experience with recons at all.

Anyhow, i was chatting up with my alpha corp buddies in MV when they mentioned the whole Evoke attacks on us and all. Curiose as to their changing political situation, one of them asked me what was going on. I unfortunately didnt have an answer, but i was surprised when i shouldnt have been when they replied 'Wow, you usually know that stuff.'

At hearing that i felt a bit of a spark. I don't like being just some typical grunt. I like to be a bit more useful. The best part of eve for me was helping newbs in our training corp, making sure people were doing good enough and seeing that we got as many as we could to make the cut to the command corp (I had started out a newb too in this corp and worked my way up to director in the command corp, the corp all the 'graduated' members in the newb corp would go to for null). Ever since the two collapsed, i have been looking for something to do that isn't just grunt work. Why not be a reporter? Or a political advisor (like that would happen soon...), or a diplomat (ditto). Problem is, not really sure how one can do that in a sea of grunts. Ill find a way. Until then, i gotta keep up on my knowledge if i'm to be useful. Any blogs relevant to that please chime in.

PS- Yes i know, nothing too humorous as i usually plan it, but i am tired and short on material. I have to do something crazy soon. I put in pictures so it looks a bit shinier.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Not dead

I'm going to waste an Etree and releive all my readers that I'm not dead and composing my next blog post.....Or what is left of my readers. My target audience was originally all the new and middle entry eve players in our training corp. I wanted to give them an idea of what we do once we 'graduate' and have fun doing it. I read a lot of blogs and learned lots of things from their experiences and applied them myself. I wanted to be a part of that, infortunately events happen and a ceo's actions broke the corp chain from top down. The organisation and training corp I was director of ceased to exist, and with it, many of my responsibilities that I took enjoyed doing. Though some members were even more free to fdo what they do best, I had to take time to figure what I really wanted to do in eve. Some are just content to PVP all day, but I liked the organisation and challenge of helping new people and managing our higher level corp. It felt like we were all moving as one and that it mattered.

Now we all joined the NC (again if you read the blogs carefully) and I got to say its great, but still not the same. It feels a bit less rewarding if you can't be noticed or contribute with anything other than kills, though I'm learning and working on how I can help and contribute. I am on my capital ship skills and my alt is developing good support skills.

Well it looks like I ranted more than provide a pointless 'ill update soon' post.Ill have some material worth reading soon. Until then, comment please, because if you don't, poor Skand might think he can start a blog. =)

....Maybe I should add pictures....people love colorful pictures....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And we're back!

To my dearest readers whom i know do not exist. Apologies for not posting updates. I was simply too busy or burnt out to put anything here. But now you can escape from your 'korenav blog' withdrawal and shoot up on some nonsense.

First off, lots of changes going on in the corporation and Alpha project all together. They are for the better, but APCOM will cerntainly be in empire for a short while. We have made it our goal to be interactive and helpful to the corp as much as we can while we are about.

I felt out of the loop with them being so hands off with them before, all the fleets and pos to manage, but its nice to step back down on their level and see people where we were at one point. Good old times and days.

Anyhow, as with any training corp in eve (or how they should be) one must be taught the evil things eve will do to you. I say we expose it to them in a controlled environment! Yes, exactly. We kill them.

Don't fret now. We didn't MURDER them. Honestly they knew what was up. I got my shiny new Absolution and as always, i have to test it out, often on fellow corp mates. Other APCOM members joined in, offering isk if they could steal cans from them before getting blown up, some of which succeeded. I lost track of how many corpies i have killed, but I'm sure its double digits by now. Got to love that Absolution, it melts their poor little ships very quickly and takes a good beating before it notices any real damage. I have an urge to go get it blow up in some epic crusade into low sec but i guess killing OOTAPians will have to do for now....*sigh*

Lately we have been doing 'ride along' ops for OOTAP. The basic idea started out durring a practice fleet where it was OOTAP verus OOTAP, where we noticed they had nothing really to base how a fleet works other than what we tell them. It simply must be expereinced. Even with all the time i spent in OOTAP, i never really knew how a fleet really functioned with its roles and placement until i had lived in null sec for a while and had to observe real fleets at work. Some things simply cant be told but experienced.

So Rasp threw in an idea that has been quiet successful, and even though it didnt exactly happen as we originally thought, it effectively caused a chain reaction that led to lots of opportunities for the OOTAPians. Im sure you all understand what a 'ride along' is. The idea was to let them listen in on us when we did out fleets and killings so they could see how we worked, and occasionally invite some with us.

Our first time trying this we got two or so (can remember or be bothered to get the chat logs) came along. It was nice and easy to manage, pretty nicely paced and many listened in to hear how we worked. It was unfortunate though as hours went by and we netted nothing. Just when we thought of going back, i decided to stop being lazy with my scanner and flung my bait ship about while scanning everything. I thought i found where a rifter was on scan, and considering my intense hatred for my ships well being (a fat maller with crap tons of plates and itty bitty little guns) and lack of kills, i threw myself into the belt in question.

Lo and behold, i was rewarded with a rifter killing a battleship rat. I locked on and immediatly disrupted him. Checking his speed as i called in for my fleet i expected the rifter to simply stare at me, unimpressed, and fly out of my range and warp away. Fortunately it did not. And my little pea shooter guns on my fail bait ship chipped away at the smaller ship, effectively tracking its high speed. It initially did not return fire, keeping its guns on the rat battleship, but when our 'backup' arrived to save me from my relentless attacker, he began to focus on us. It was a big surprise how long he lasted, his speed making all our battle cruisers miss most the time. I was dumbfounded that i got most damage dealt.....almost. The rat beat me by 19 points but fortunately Battle clinic doesn't show such abominations that concern carebears. =P

Oh, and funny enough, the pilot we killed was interested in learning more about PVP and convoed us. Was very polite and willing to learn. To me, to get over the fact someone killed you and want to learn from it i find to be a very good way to learn eve and learn it fast, at least in PVP anyway. I chatted with the guy and i'm glad to have him aboard with us in OOTAP now.

Two nights later we set out again and welcomed OOTAP members in. If you ask me, we got a little too much attention as the fleet was full at 12. Honestly last time we took so many OOTAP people with us out it was a disaster that probably killed peoples interest. And several of them were brand new to the corp, and some of us in APCOM weren't too sure if they all even knew enough to be in the fleet. I almost felt to ask a few leave the fleet, but the one running the fleet has that call and I'm not one to cut their crowd. Director or not.

Our FCs did very fine jobs despite the slow start and unsure questions of new members. The second low sec system we jumped into we nearly ram smack into the middle of a well armed and ready RR Battleship fleet with a command ship and links for support (so we assume, but what moron would bring a command ship to a BS gang if the didn't intend to use links? Maybe he just got a new shiny ship like me and had too much to drink. =/). After seeing that we quickly decided to go elsewhere with only a few incidents with accidental jumps. I was impressed that all the OOTAPians were doing so well. Apparently they were being far more effective and self sufficient in training than i had guessed.

Eventually we came to a system called Mara and it was our gold mine. Either we were lucky or it was loaded to total and completely incompetent morons! I think a little of both, but mostly skill =P.

Our first engagement we found some bait running around (i think...probably not bait, but if little Timmy falls into a well, someone has to go save him), so what was the logical thing to do? Get snagged by it of course! So we let our scout sink its teath into the poor thing and backup came in the form of a hurricane and purifier. It was all good fun. Rasp made sure to secure a point on the Hound before calling in OOTAP fleet members only. OOTAP was plenty enough firepower for such a weak ship, and any help the ship called for would think it more than easy to pick off the OOTAP members in their ships. Fortunately when help did come, APCOM moved in with its battle cruisers and melted the cane and purifier. Glad we got everyone in on the cane kill.

We only took one loss, but it was a very smooth move for the fleet to pull that off. I dont know how we could have done it better. We moved around the system some more and ran into a vexor and rupture that we dispatched upon finding.

Oddly, we were convoed by some angry russian nutter and he screamed jibberish at us.

[ 2010.02.11 02:55:36 ] Rasputain > not russian
[ 2010.02.11 02:55:47 ] j1000015 > уроды
[ 2010.02.11 02:55:57 ] Korenav > Ruskie?
[ 2010.02.11 02:56:07 ] j1000015 > русский все знать должны
[ 2010.02.11 02:56:30 ] Cendrillion > Никакой русский
[ 2010.02.11 02:56:36 ] Korenav > Im sorry, the call cannot be completed as dialed
[ 2010.02.11 02:56:39 ] j1000015 > а
[ 2010.02.11 02:56:40 ] Korenav > please hang up and try again
[ 2010.02.11 02:57:39 ] j1000015 > хотел поиграть
[ 2010.02.11 02:57:54 ] Korenav > I speak words, you speak intergers
[ 2010.02.11 02:58:02 ] j1000015 > рылом не вышел?
[ 2010.02.11 02:58:09 ] Cendrillion > j100000015 > Wished to play
[ 2010.02.11 02:58:14 ] Korenav > No really, i dont understand you
[ 2010.02.11 02:58:24 ] Korenav > gf
[ 2010.02.11 02:58:30 ] Cendrillion > j10000005 > Snout has not left?
[ 2010.02.11 02:58:45 ] Cendrillion > o/

Odd fellow, and nice translations Cend. I can only hope his snout does not try to run from him again.

Anyhow after that we called it quits and decided to move back home and end the fleet after we killed at least half of everyone in local. On the way out though, one of the stealth bomber pilots was waiting with a few friends in hi sec and cashed in on his kill rights, taking out another one of our fleet members. A falcon, two stealth bombers, and a Brutix if i recall right. The stealth bomber opened up on me next since i was the only other one there at the gate. I quickly fired back and nearly melted his crappy tank but he got away. I charged after the brutix and bumped him, pushing him away from the gate fruther and waited for him to aggress. At this point i had enough luck that i wouldn't mind a fight to the death with them. Though after the brutix pilot threw several barbaric insults at me about fighting i soon realized he didnt have kill rights on me. Later on i wondered how he was able to attack us in the first place but oh well. I grew bored of his 'i'm tough because i'm safe in hi sec' blabber and warped away. Before we left local we gave him a invitation to war if he was so inclined. He didn't follow up.

All in all, it was an awesome night. Good kills, and new members got some hard core experience down. Cant wait to do more.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sometimes things suck

Things can really suck sometimes. Last weekend was no exception. I wanted to blog on a few occasions but shit on the fan made that difficult. Ill just sum it up for you in no pariculare order.

Car thought totaled, grandfather on deathbed, iphone fried, best friend has staff infection, and fail fleets in eve.

Good news is my car is okay and I decided to part ways with apple and got a driod (my contract was up so I would be paying the same either way). Gotta say, the driod honestly rapes the iphone. But anyhow, no more of this RL stuff. This is an eve blog!

I won't get into detail but my most recent roam with my CEO turned up nothing. Bad luck and navigation glitch ruined it a bit. Though we put up a good effort. Can't win em all. Otherwise no competition.

I have been wanting to train amarr cruiser 5 forever and get the HACs and command ships but i reluctantly agreed to train large tech 2 guns as requested by my ceo. I know others are tempted to do otherwise but so far any advice I have gotten proves itself useful. Plus it will help get more kills on the corp killboard and definently make us matter more in fleets.

Until then I have been looking for a good small gang roam ship since my cerb, as overjoyed I was with it being my first teech 2 ship, is as awesome as a dried up burrito aged a week on a cold day when compared to other pvp capable small gang HACs. I didn't have anything good cruiser sized so that left BCs and I already love those.

Nighthawk, out of the question, no. I got it with the intent of carebearing with it so that's all it will do. Amarr command ships I can't fly yet and cost lots. With getting tech 2 meduim lasers though I really am falling in love with the harbinger. Great damage, can be decently tanked or nanoed, and it hurts. I have been using them so much that I find myself wanting to buy several more so I won't be caught short on a general purpose pvp ship. And insurance pays to boot.

But everyone got a fun break from null sec and a laugh when our alliance got war decced. Sure, the carebear corps panicked a bit but APCOM was thrilled to have gank these morons in hi-sec. We suspected they were going to pull a 'kitty' (coined by Rasp) and actually present a threat, but instead they seemed intent on small conflicts in empire. Good fun though. I haven't gotten to fight them yet but I do miss those small controlled engagements. Good ole times in 00TAP.

in other good news, my propoganda campainge is already getting results as my good friend (Mr. Staff Infection) is considering joining the eve community. First thing I plan to do is sucide bomb him and scam him in preparation of the cruel world that is eve. Then have him meet Cend to establish his scapegoat.

One last note, C Monster, I'm waiting on that absurdity I was promised. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Missing out

Gotta hate it when you miss the good stuff. I logged in today and heard my corpies in a large fleet battle. 300 or so allied in Battleships with support against about 600 enemies in similar fleet. Normally you would think we were slaughtered, but due to tactics, circumstances, and dislapline, our side won.

I took a lot of interest in how that came about. It couldnt have been a head on slug fest because either we would have lost with sheer numbers or our enemy was the local institution Eve LAN party trying to prove how superior being confined to a room with pads was.

TM, my boss (AKA, crazy angry brit), filled me in once it was over. Aparently our enemy was fitted for close range with their battleships, which would have melted us aside from sheer number. But our fleet came 'fleet fitted' which pretty much meant standard sniper fits.

I guess some of you are getting the picture here. That added with bubbles (aka, spheres of 'no moar warping for you!') ensured that they stayed out of range of us while our fleet unloaded their guns on them. Each time they tried to move out of the bubble a support fleet with stealth bombers would kindly bomb them to bits. I totally regret not being their earlier, but work pays.

Grats to Rasp for getting in a ton of kills in that battle. He got an outrageous 26 kills last i checked.

As if missing out on that fun wasn't enough, the pvp roam i planned this evening was canceled because of everyone still recovering from their recent awesomeness, and another fleet was forming 2 hours later. Busy night. Oh well, probably would have died horribly if we did go, being in enemy territory leading everyone on my own in places i didn't know the fuck where. I'm sure everyone knows what that feeling is like.

"Oh hey fearless leader! You know exactly where we are going to keep us safe and have fun right?"
"Sure!" *looks and map and cries*

Well you got to start somewhere. Only fitting that the director gets to do the stupid dangerous stuff first (Or next time ill have Cend go first. He makes a nice target.)

Finally got my tech 2 medium lasers, though i doubt i will be able to keep up my practice of shooting every friendly corpie in sight and justifying it with 'I was only testing them out....'. Well anyhow, got a fleet comming up. Should be fun. Ill update the results of it here later.

Sometimes you have good times, others bad. 5 hours in fleet, and 4 kills tends to get to you, especially if you traveled a billion jumps into enemy territory. After i got sleepy i had a paranoia of missing something important said by the FC and being lost in a very unfriendly place. I even forgot to get my drones i deployed when the enemy blobbed us. Oh yeah, we all pretty much died.

We went down guns a blazing though. Didn't see too many enemies in battleships, and though we had short range ones, we still could out shoot them for distance in most cases, so for a while we were able to catch them in our favor and shot up a few of them, but eventually we got raped as they executed their masterful tactic of 'blobbing.'

I must say though i felt a little satisfaction in bringing a carebear raven to its end. I cant stand those ships anymore. Got a Drake, Caracal, and Hurricane as well.

I was happy to get some kills this month, but had i known it would be 5 hours and 4 kills before losing my battleship, i might have told them kindly to go fuck off (not really. TM would kill me. =( ). I have no regret though as doing anything tends to be better than nothing, still that kinda ruined my morning. Speaking of which, my car decided that it didn't need oil anymore. I think my CEO stole it. He loves drinking that stuff.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little introduction is due

So if your still stuck at 'what is eve online?' then I suggest you either google like every normal smart person or try a trial of it your self. Anyhow, most of you know me as Korenav. Some in Eve, some as personal friends on messenger or people who like to hear of my adventures.

Eve, being the big scary sandbox with landmines and Internet space ships, is naturally a hard to fully grasp game and may be too deep for some people. It's not uncommon to find corporations (player guilds) that aim at helping new people get into the game. I happen to join one of these not a few days short of a year ago. Even though I graduated out of this Corp to it's null sec parent and became it's director, I get a kick out of helping the less fortunate. My Corp still helps run the training Corp we started in to keep numbers rolling

Out in null sec we partake in alliance fleets defending and taking territory, or take part in some of the most satisfying pvp roams (or most horrible death). It often amazes me how organized and powerful a group of players can be if you open the sand box of eve to them and how hours of gathering intel and searching can give such a better feeling of reward than any other game.

So anyhoo, what I hope to do with this blog is share some of the fun rewarding times ( and 'die horribly' fails). There is nothing quite like Eve. Just watch out for my crazy British CEO. He is an angry loon who lost his crumpets.