Sunday, June 13, 2010

Putting the cat down

I had to put my cat down today.....I know....But Im not sad, know why? Because the fucker diserved it! The people whom i call my friends....they thrust cats in my face, then chortle as i show my disgust. NO MORE! The cat that has haunted me so has shown itself in physical form in eve and it threatened my very credibility and existance. After so much talk, how could i not face this beast? It started at jests and jokes and now here it was, the very cat that came to being to confront me. Witness the opening moments before our epic clash.

Renaultar > Is that a cat?
Korenav's Cat > MEOW!!!!111oneone!!!
Renaultar > Wow....such an annoying cat....
Renaultar > I think i know where your owner is.
Korenav's Cat > O.O
Korenav > YOU!
Korenav > YOU sun of a bitch!
Korenav > Its the shoe box for you in an early grave!

Its velator grinned at me, a stupid grin that i would melt right off it with my pulse lasers. It could not exist any longer. This was the bane of my existence and i would go through hell to see it vented into the empty void of space. Its meows were squealed and soon silent as nothing but a ruin of a ship and corpse were all that was left. I made sure to display the trophy to my fellow alliance and that cats would not be tolerated.

Korenav > Corpse Female
Renaultar > Dear god....
Iron Phenix > gf

You shall mock me no more cat! Some day i shall return to your home system where you began to degrade it into a hive of broken villainy!


Now that the serious drama is over with, lets move on. Wait, whats that? Was that real? Of course it was! Some dick in my corp thought it would be funny to make an alt character to terrorize me. Lets talk about people or are NOT dicks, like me!

I attempted to dual box for once, as in use both my main and alt in pvp at the same time. Gotta say, its a bit of work. Probably should have paid attention to my alt more for his scout services than just being another grunt. Yeah, i lost a harbinger....and a what?

Oh, and about that, yeah, i got a curse and i love it....did love it. Funny how that happen. Had my main in my curse sitting off grid from a gate that lead to low sec while my alt was on the gate camping in a cane. When another cane jumped through, i was thrilled to have the chance to kill it. Understand my disappointment when it warped before i could lock, and my even larger disappointment when it landed on my curse.....

My throught process was kinda scrambled. One worrying over my alt getting his cane in gear to rescue me, the other was my curse trying to gtfo. Sounds exciting to some perhaps, but take my word for it. It really sucks....

Anyhow, my cane arrived just as my curse popped. Now you would think an epic battle for vengence would occur here. Nope. He warped off. Again. Fail alt. In all seriousness though, i gotta say the guy played his cards very well and smoothly too. Hats off.

I got some thanks to give. Big thanks. After my loss i reluctantly announced my loss of my curse to my alpha buddies (i literally had this ship for less than 2 days) and i want to put in a very big thanks to my friend Jess whom was looking for a chance to duel with me in his balaghorn(crazy fuck) and covered the loss of the ship for me. I gotta say i owe him one. Im really hoping to make the curse useful and gotta thank him. So Jess, i owe you one.

This post is dedicated to the memory of all those that have died in Jita bombings....

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