Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sometimes things suck

Things can really suck sometimes. Last weekend was no exception. I wanted to blog on a few occasions but shit on the fan made that difficult. Ill just sum it up for you in no pariculare order.

Car thought totaled, grandfather on deathbed, iphone fried, best friend has staff infection, and fail fleets in eve.

Good news is my car is okay and I decided to part ways with apple and got a driod (my contract was up so I would be paying the same either way). Gotta say, the driod honestly rapes the iphone. But anyhow, no more of this RL stuff. This is an eve blog!

I won't get into detail but my most recent roam with my CEO turned up nothing. Bad luck and navigation glitch ruined it a bit. Though we put up a good effort. Can't win em all. Otherwise no competition.

I have been wanting to train amarr cruiser 5 forever and get the HACs and command ships but i reluctantly agreed to train large tech 2 guns as requested by my ceo. I know others are tempted to do otherwise but so far any advice I have gotten proves itself useful. Plus it will help get more kills on the corp killboard and definently make us matter more in fleets.

Until then I have been looking for a good small gang roam ship since my cerb, as overjoyed I was with it being my first teech 2 ship, is as awesome as a dried up burrito aged a week on a cold day when compared to other pvp capable small gang HACs. I didn't have anything good cruiser sized so that left BCs and I already love those.

Nighthawk, out of the question, no. I got it with the intent of carebearing with it so that's all it will do. Amarr command ships I can't fly yet and cost lots. With getting tech 2 meduim lasers though I really am falling in love with the harbinger. Great damage, can be decently tanked or nanoed, and it hurts. I have been using them so much that I find myself wanting to buy several more so I won't be caught short on a general purpose pvp ship. And insurance pays to boot.

But everyone got a fun break from null sec and a laugh when our alliance got war decced. Sure, the carebear corps panicked a bit but APCOM was thrilled to have gank these morons in hi-sec. We suspected they were going to pull a 'kitty' (coined by Rasp) and actually present a threat, but instead they seemed intent on small conflicts in empire. Good fun though. I haven't gotten to fight them yet but I do miss those small controlled engagements. Good ole times in 00TAP.

in other good news, my propoganda campainge is already getting results as my good friend (Mr. Staff Infection) is considering joining the eve community. First thing I plan to do is sucide bomb him and scam him in preparation of the cruel world that is eve. Then have him meet Cend to establish his scapegoat.

One last note, C Monster, I'm waiting on that absurdity I was promised. :)

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